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Our Wedding

Gabriel + Brooke Barletta
Married: May 12, 2012

The day we said "I do" to becoming Mr. & Mrs. Barletta was the beginning to a life filled with more joy than we had imagined. I remember the love I had for Gabriel while we were dating and well it doesn't even compare to the love I have for him today. I fall deeper in love with him everyday. Life is more beautiful when we are together.

Don't get me wrong, there are moments we are not exactly wanting to scream "I LOVE YOU" on mountaintops. There are rolling eyes, wrinkled foreheads, waving of hands, tears - you get the picture. We all know bringing two imperfect people together is not a walk on the beach while watching the sunset. But what gets us through those things is Christ. It is His love, His forgiveness, His grace, and His faithfulness. Without God we couldn't do this marriage thing for better or for worse. Marriage teaches us to love without limits, to forgive, to give grace and mercy, and to be faithful. I am so happy the man God gave me is Gabriel. Out of all the imperfect men in the world, I got the best one. haha!

Remembering the day that God gave us this beautiful gift called marriage brings us so much joy. We would like to share these photographs with you.


Wedding Dress: Pronovias from Mon Amie Bridal Salon
Wedding Veil: Tessa Kim
Shoes: Glint from Nordstrom
Photographer: Nick Radford
Venue: Hidden Oaks Retreat Center
Food: Taco Man
Wedding Cake: Dolores Morris
DJ: All The Best Tunes
Flowers: Wedding Flowers 4 Less

Wedding Playlist Worthy Mentions:

Bridal Party Entrance: True Intimacy - Rend Collective
Bride's Entrance: L.O.V.E. - Nat King Cole - played live by Priscilla Miller & Daniel Barletta
Bride & Groom Exit: Uprising - Muse

Bride & Groom Entrance: 
Slave to You - Pro! (aka Derek Minor)
First Dance: 10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman
Mother-Daughter/Mother-Son/Family First Dance: Endless Hallelujah - Matt Redman
Cake Cutting: You're the Inspiration - Chicago

I absolutely love the photo of my nephew Sean below! When we got the photos back we saw this photo and asked him, "were you crying here?" He said, "yes." "Why were you crying?" "I was watching you guys dance and it was just so beautiful to watch." Seriously, he is a sweetheart!! So adorable. I treasure this photo.


Gabriel, you're mine and we belong together for eternity.

Brooke Meghan