About GB





Gabriel Barletta has been drawing since he was a kid, and has cultivated his passion for art into a love of design. Growing up as a Pastor’s kid, he learned from his family early on, that family, serving others, being humble and working hard is far more valuable than any other form of success. Applying that into his work, he has learned that it’s best to be quick to listen and slow to speak, allowing the time to learn from others and work hard at everything he is tasked. 

Gabriel attended the Art Institute of Las Vegas for Graphic Design. Soon after he picked up his first tablet and started a job as an image manipulator for a photography studio where he learned to work quickly under the different pressures and circumstances that come with meeting a deadline. He has since worked in a private school working in the IT/Graphics department, as well as teaching elementary art classes, designing for motorcycle companies, cell phone accessory manufacturers, non-profit organizations and churches.

Having worked in design professionally for the past 8 years, Gabriel has found the importance in constantly keeping the perspective that life offers you challenges, rather than burdens. Having a passion in hand drawn typography, illustration, and photography have taught him that there is always something new to learn, creating a strong desire and appreciation for constantly having the mindset of a student wanting to learn. All in all, Gabriel loves what he does and is grateful having the opportunity to do it.